New Star Family Center


Imagine yourself rushing into a strange building, children in tow. You are scared, hurt, and have no place to rest or find safety. Then, instead of walking into a gray, gloomy building, you open the door of the FJC to find a calm, reassuring voice, and a safe place to sit and rest. Someone offers you refreshments, and a volunteer offers to show your children the playroom.
All of a sudden, getting help seems a little less frightening, and there is a glimpse of something that you did not believe you would ever find again . . . HOPE.

Volunteer at the FJC and become a Hope Giver

Domestic violence is a major issue in our community and there are many people who truly desire to help those affected. But how? Many people desire to help, but do not know where or how to start. That is where the New Star FJC comes into the picture.
The New Star FJC offers many services to those affected by domestic violence, from one location. There are many ways that community members can become involved. From assisting the FJC Staff in the office, to sitting with FJC guests to support them, to working on special projects; the volunteer opportunities are unlimited!

Requirements of Volunteers include:

* Completing an application
* Attending an Orientation
* Completing the 40-Hrs DV Training
* Passing a Live scan check
* Must be 18 years of age or older

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